CBA's undergraduate goals

CBA’s undergraduate goals

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The first outcome listed in CBA’s undergraduate goals and outcomes plan is communication. To measure this goal students will complete a writing essay that will be evaluated by the CBA Writing Lab. The Writing Assessment can be completed at any time during the semester but before the deadline. Use the link below to download the Word document that has the instructions. After completing your essay, use the same link below to upload it to Blackboard. If you successfully upload your essay you will see a green icon in your gradebook. Click the icon and double check that you did indeed attach a file. Only Microsoft Word files will be accepted; other formats will be deleted. If you upload the wrong file, contact one of the instructors to remove the attempt so that you can resubmit. Blank essays will be deleted.

The essay should be at least two full pages long, plus a bibliography/references page (total of at least three pages). Our emphasis is content, structure, analysis, and development of your point of view. Our experience has shown that it is impossible to write a sufficiently formulated, well-thought essay in less than two pages. Use the following formatting

Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)
Times New Roman
12 pt. font
Double spaced (including between paragraphs–don’t add extra space between paragraphs)
Tab at .5 inch at beginning of paragraphs
1-inch margins
If you follow the formatting correctly, your essay will be at least 3600 characters (including spaces) in length. You can check the character count in Microsoft Word under the [review] tab by selecting the [proofing] option. Papers that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted and will be deleted.